. Teak Outdoor Patio and Pool Wicker furniture KL Malaysia

Only Premium Grade Teak Wood is used in our Outdoor Teak Furniture. Premium Grade teak is the highest quality teak wood. It is taken from the centre of the log, it is specified as heartwood of a mature tree. Premium Grade teak can be identified by Beautiful, even, golden brown close grains. Because it is rich in natural oils, Premium Grade teak wood is highly durable and will not be damaged in any unfavorable weather conditions.

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Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

Our teak Furniture, Outdoor and Patio styles are produced to be timeless masterpieces of creativity. Our range of products is appealing, with a collection that significantly enhances the exterior spaces of all homes and gardens.

Teak Wood Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor Dining Table Teak Outdoor Set Teakand Wicker Set
(TG01) (TG02) (TG03)

Teak Wood Garden Furniture

Comforteck OutDoor Set Florida Teak OutDoor Set Denever Teak OutDoor Set Elegance Teak OutDoor Set
(TG04) (TG05) (TG06) (TG07)

Teak Wood Table with Wicker Chairs

Teak Table & Wicker Chair OutDoor Set Teak and Wicker Set
(TG08) (TG09) (TG010)
Teak and Wicker Set

Teak Wood Patio and Pool Furniture

Make an unforgettable outdoor living environment on your own patio or balcony. Our Teak Patio Sets are a brilliant choice for elegance, long-lasting durability and exceptional value. All of our teak is Grade A. This collection is all handmade with dense, beautiful wood that is found deep in the heart of the monsoon forest. All tables and chairs are polished and sanded for exceptionally long-lasting weather resistance.

Teak Patio Dining Set Teak Patio Set Recliner Teak Patio Set
(TP01) (TP02) (TP03)
Teak Patio Dining Set Patio Dining Set Patio Set Teak Patio Set
(TP04) (TP05) (TP06) (TP07)
Hawaii Dining Set
Outdoor Dining with Umbrella Set
Deep Teak Sofa Set Zafron Teak Patio Sofa Navelle Teak patio Sofa
(TPW1) (TPW2) (TPW3)
Sunset Lounge patio

Teak Wood Outdoor Dining Tables

Hawai Dining Table Royal Extension Table Florida Extension Table
(TDT1) (TDT2) (TDT3)
Table with Inlay Lazey susan Teak Outdoor Table Teak Round Table
(TDT4) (TDT5) (TDT6)

Teak Folding Tables

Teak Folding Table Round Folding Table Folding Table
(TFT1) (TFT2) (TFT3)
Round Folding Table Square Folding Table Picnic Folding Table
(TFT4) (TFT5) (TFT6)

Teak Outdoor Chairs

Teak Arm Chair Teak Chair Teak Side Chair Teak Chair Teak Chair Teak Chair
(TC1) (TC2) (TC3) (TC4) (TC5) (TC6)
Teak Folding Chair Teak Folding Arm Chair Teak Chair Teak Stacking Arm Chair
(TCC1) (TCC2) (TCC3) (TCC4)

Batyline Sling Teak Chairs

Batyline Arm Chair Batyline Chair Batyline Chair Sling Folding Chair
(TC7) (TC8) (TC9) (TC10)
Sling High Arm Chair

Betyline Sling and Teak Recliner Chairs

Recliner Chair Recliner Chair Recliner Chair
(TR1) (TR2) (TR3)

Teak Outdoor Benches

Teak Garden Bench Garden Bench Teak Wood Bench Teak Outdoor Bench
(TGB1) (TGB2) (TGB3) (TGB4)


Teak Umbrella 250 Square Umbrella 300
(TU1) (TU2)

Sun lounger

Teak Deck Lounger Chair
Batyline Sling Lounger Batyline Curve Lounger
(TL01) (TL02)
Rivera Steamer

Teak wood Sun lounger

Nivelle Teak lounger Florida Teak Lounger Teak Lounger
(TL03) (TL04) (TL05)

Teak wood Side Table

Teak Side Table Teak Side Table Teak End table Teak Side table Teak Side Table
(TS01) (TS02) (TS03) (TS04) (TS05)
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