Teak Elegant Chair (TI71)
Teak Dining Table Round (TI72)
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Miscellaneous Teak Wood Products

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Teak Book Shelves

Teak Book Shelf (TI20) Teak Book Shelf (TI21) Teak Cabinet (TI22) Teak Cabinet (TI23)

Teak Wood Sofa

Teak Sofa Set (TI24) Teak Sofa Set (TI25) Teak Sofa Set (TI26) Teak Sofa Set (TI27)

Teak Wood Coffee Table

Teak Coffee Table (TI40) Teak Center Table (TI41) Teak Center Table(TI42) Teak Coffee table (TI43)

Teak TV Cabinet, Teak Side Board

Teak TV Cabinet (TI28) Teak Sideboard (TI29) Teak Cabinet (TI30) Chest of Drawers (TI31)

Teak Beds

Teak 4 Poster Bed (TI32) Double X 4 Poster Bed (TI33) Teak 4 poster Bed TI34) Teak Bed TI35)

Teak Day Bed, Teak Bench & Teak Storage Chest

Bench cum Storage Chest (T136) Teak Day Bed (TI37) Teak Bench (TI38) Teak Storage Chest (TI39)
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